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Life Groups



Important Dates:
**August 2nd First Thursday Santa Barbara Art Walk 11am to 8pm, SBHOP behind upstairs Hoffmans Brat Haus, 2 De La Guerra Plaza ,One Day ART Show
**August 11, Saturday PCCA 10:30 At Good Shepherd Fireside Room,"Furniture of the Tabernacle"
**August 18th Stearn’s Wharf Beach Worship 10:30 to noon, Meet at the Dolphins end of State Street near the Pier
**September 6th First Thursday Santa Barbara Art Walk 11am to 8 pm, SBHOP behind upstairs Hoffmans Brat Haus 2 De La Guerra Plaza, One Day Art Show

Important Info:
**Second Saturday of August 10:30 we will again have Dr. Warren and his wife Leanne Simandle of Chapel
Ariel Ministry speaking on the Tabernacle furniture and it's historical significance as pertaining to God.
**On September 28th through October 7th, Warren and Leanne Simandle's ChapelARIEL ministry is bringing a full-scale replica of the Tabernacle to Good Shepherd grounds. They are looking for people to help as tour guides and so forth. Contact Val Eurman or Lizzy Savage if you are interested in helping Chapel Ariel with their fascinating Tabernacle on Good Shepherd campus.

Lizzy Savage will be showing her Fine Art and prints of Horses, Spiritual pieces and Blooms. Author Cyndy Struven (Mary Struven's daughter in law) will be signing her two Children’s Christian books Flamenco Fantasy (10 year old Carina’s imagination leads us on a journey from the beginnings of Flamenco in Spain to present-day festivities celebrating the Spanish heritage in Santa Barbara.) and Santiago's Sword (Miguel looks for a lost treasure of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. A Santa Barbara Mission story.) Music will be House of Prayer and Dennis Ricci will be signing his book Perilous Judgement (a story about a Federal who receives a plea for help from a woman in which the Judge knows and faces a peril that involves his long-lost son, Carlos.) We hope to meet people and have information about PCCA and SBHOP available to reveal our ministries to our city. That if you are not a church goer there is a place to
meet with others who love God. People of prayer and people in the Arts.