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direction signs on a poleThe Seven Signs of Salvation

The Gospel of John announces a new creation by way of seven signs of salvation. Why seven signs? These seven signs are all about a new creation. John’s Gospel begins with the same words Genesis begins: “In the beginning...” The seven signs of salvation correspond with the seven days of creation. The seven days of Genesis point to the first creation and the seven signs of John’s Gospel point to Christ’s new creation–a new creation of beauty and abundance and healing and resurrection and life! Come along this Epiphany season and see the signs...and rejoice!

The First Sign: “Some Assembly Required” (John 2:1-11) January 16

The Second Sign: “Taking Jesus at His Word” (John 4:46-54) January 23

The Third Sign: “Overcoming Apathy” (John 5:1-9) January 30

The Fourth Sign: “This Is a Test” (John 6:1-15) February 6

The Fifth Sign: “We Have a Song to Sing” (John 6:16-21) February 13

The Sixth Sign: “I Saw the Light!” (John 9:1-41) February 20

The Seventh Sign: “Crossing the Canyon” (John 11:1-44) February 27

I am the resurrection