As of this writing on November 27, 2018, the Camp Fire in Butte County has consumed 153,300 acres, more than 14,000 structures have been destroyed (including homes) and left 88 dead. The fire burned for 17 days.
"About half of the Our Savior Lutheran Church's 130 parishioners now live in Chico and attend the service which follows the regular 10 a.m. service ministered by the Rev. Donald Jordan at Redeemer Lutheran Church. Brandon Merrick, pastor at Our Savior Lutheran Church in Paradise, said he'll speak with members of his church at a later date to determine if, when and where Our Savior Lutheran Church will re-build." according to a story published by
Pastor Brandon Merrick (Ilene Dietrich’s son-in-law), shared this photo of the cross in front of their church. (The photo was taken courtesy of Tyler and Eliza-beth Frank.) The words below are excerpts of a letter that Pastor Merrick wrote to his members:

For me, this picture is not just a heartbreaking reminder of what can happen to the things and people of this world, this is our one true hope in the midst of tragedy that cannot be destroyed by anything. God is with us. God…wants nothing more than for you to see Him through the cross where He draws us to the only place His mercy and forgiveness are found. In this picture I under-stand how in the cross we see both the ultimate consequence of our sin in death and the new life we have with Jesus. Your prayers are needed. Pray that people would turn to Jesus for comfort, assurance, and hope. And may those who are serving on the ground bring Jesus to them. Ask that Pastors Merrick and Donald Jordan (from Redeemer, Chico) and God’s people in the area would be strengthened for the opportunity God has provided.
What Can I do to Help?
* Pray for those being affected by the fires. Pray for their safety and for peace. Include prayers for the first responders who serve in dangerous envi-ronments. Pray for effective strategies for all relief agencies involved.

* This disaster is very new; however, it is certain that dollars will be needed to assist church workers, church members, and communities in the lengthy re-covery process that is ahead. If you would like to help financially you may:
(1) donate to the “Fire Fund” at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.
(2) donate directly to the California-Nevada-Hawaii District. 100 percent of your gift will be used to assist those affected by the fires. Gifts may be made payable to the “CNH District Disaster Relief Fund” and sent to CNH District Of-fice, 2772 Constitution Drive, Ste A | Livermore, CA 94551 or you may give online at