ugly Christmas sweater

Our sermon series for Advent and Christmas is "Ugly Christmas Sweater".

Maybe you have a tradition like many people of having a festive party with friends and everyone choosing the ugliest, most obnoxious, or gaudy sweater they can find. This party usually involves jingle bells, candy canes, lights, puff paint, ribbons, and bows. It’s fun to drink cider and eat cookies while looking as goofy as possible. It’s now become a bit of a cultural phenomenon. Consider wearing a different ugly Christmas sweater each week during the messages for this series!! Change it up each week!!

November 28 Ugly Thoughts (Philippians 4:4-8; Luke 2:8-11)

December 5 Ugly Words (James 3:3-12)

December 12 Ugly Motives (Matthew 6:1-18)

December 19 Ugly Actions (Colossians 3:12-17)

December 24 Ugly Savior? (Isaiah 53; 1 Samuel 16:7)

 Jesus in the MangerMidweek Advent Services are Back! Wednesday — 7:00 p.m.

Advent is about preparing to celebrate that time when God first took on human flesh in theperson of Jesus. It’s also about preparing for that ultimate Advent when that same Christ shallcome in the fullness of the Godhead!

Most of the people we know neither care nor bother to ask about such matters. But we shouldcare and bother to ask! Perhaps you have questions about the Advent of Jesus. Questions you’renot sure you should ask. Questions that are, well, hard questions. There are a lot of hardquestions that hardly anybody’s asking these days, and for some of those questions there areAdvent answers. Answers that provide the footing for our faith, the framework for ourconfession, the foundation for our eternal destiny.

Advent Answers to Hard Questions Hardly Anybody Is Asking

December 1The Birth of God:
How Can God Take on Human Flesh . . . and Why?
(Luke 1:26–38)

December 8 The Obedient Child:
When Jesus Was a Boy, Did He Know He Was God?
(Luke 2:41–52)

December 15 The Man’s Man:
Why Would Jesus Ever Cry?
(Luke 19:41–44; John 11:30–36)