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Sermon Series - Stop Running Scared

What is your greatest fear? “Fear” is somethingStop Running Scared that we all have and live with.

We’re all running scared. Our sermon series, “Stop Running Scared” will explore a variety of topics that bring fear into our lives. Our resurrected Lord Jesus has something to offer us when we’re afraid and running scared.


April 7 “The Power of Fear” (John 20:19–28)
April 14 “The Fear of Death” (John 11)
April 21  Guest Pastor
April 28  Guest Pastor
May 5 “Fear in the Storm” (Matthew 8:23–27)
May 12  Guest Pastor
May 19  “The Fear of Stepping Out of Our Shell” (Acts 2:1–24)
May 26  “Financial Fears” (Matthew 6:25–34)
June 2  “The Fear of Rejection” (Proverbs 29:25)
June 9  “The Fear of Failure” (Proverbs 24:16)
June 16  “The Fear of Following” (Luke 5:27–32)


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