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Welcome to the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Donation Page

You may give to the GSLC General Fund (annual budget) or make a special donation for purchasing food, etc. for our monthly GSLC Food Pantry Distribution.

Good Shepherd has upgraded and purchased additional equipment to livestream our Sunday church services as some are still not able to attend in person. We have reached our $3500 goal for this project but still need to fund the ongoing streaming and music licensing costs (currently about $98 per month).

You can also support the Ministry of The Rev. Paul Nelson (LCMS Theological Educator) and the Santiago Naranjas, Oaxaca, Mexico Dental Clinic


How You Can Donate


You can mail checks or drop them by the church office M-Th, 8 a.m. - Noon at 380 N. Fairview, Goleta CA, 93117-2207


Checking Direct Withdrawal (ACH)

We are using Vancovanco logo for our on line donation check processing, the same company that handles our monthly electronic giving.

One-time and recurring Church Ministries donations (please sign up for recurring donations).

Preschool Tuition or Donations (ACH only).


Credit Card

We use Square for credit card donations! 

(please consider adding 3% to your donation amount to help defray the cost of credit card processing)

Annual Budget contributions.Square Logo

Food Pantry Distribution donations.

Annual Concerts donations.

Worship Services Livestreaming Operations donations.

Ministry of The Rev. Paul Nelson (LCMS Theological Educator) donations..

Santiago Naranjas, Oaxaca, Mexico Dental Clinic donations.

Preschool Tuition payments.  (Convenience fees are already included.)


Thank you!