The Strategic Mission and Ministry Plan of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

We have a Mandate and a Mission
The Good Shepherd, our Lord Jesus Christ says, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10:27) Our mandate is clear: Listen to the voice of Jesus and follow Him!

Our mission follows the mandate. As we listen to Jesus and follow him, “our mission is to excite believers and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Desiring to be faithful to mandate and mission, both as individual believers in Jesus and corporately as His gathered church, we embarked on The Missional Pathway. During the past couple of years, many of you have been traveling along The Missional Pathway. Many fruitful discoveries were made or confirmed by those who have walked the path of awakening your personal calling that God has placed on you and, by His grace and power, have activated that personal calling.

As we continued traveling The Missional Pathway, about 30 members of Good Shepherd met for two workshops. The first to assess our church’s calling and the second to advance our church’s calling. From these workshops, four broad categories were developed and many ideas were suggested under these categories. However, no decisions for specific ministry activities were made at this time. The Missional Pathway leadership team worked to craft a Missional Guiding Statement that would provide the important measure for potential ministries.

At this time, the Board of Directors determined that it was time to evaluate and update our Critical Targets: Properties, Staff Development, Education, and Community Outreach. The Board of Directors began work on developing The Strategic Mission and Ministry Plan with the goal of establishing new focus areas for ministry at Good Shepherd. The information from The Missional Pathway workshops was incorporated into this process. A document was crafted and approved by the Board of Directors in the Fall of 2020. The Strategic Mission and Ministry Plan was presented to the Voters Meeting in November 2020.

Because not everyone at Good Shepherd attends the Voters Meeting, it is important that everyone at Good Shepherd sees The Strategic Mission and Ministry Plan. Below is the Guiding Statement, the four new Focus Areas, and the statements In Support of These Opportunities.

You will please note that there are no specific activities listed under the Focus Areas. This is intentional. Activities are to be developed prayerfully and thoughtfully by the members of the congregation.

I would ask three things of you: (1) Please read The Strategic Mission and Ministry Plan. Think about the Focus Areas. These areas will be where our primary energies as a congregation will be directed. So reflect, dream, imagine. Jot down your thoughts and ideas. Hang onto them for later; (2) Please pray with me over these Focus Areas. The Focus Areas are broad categories. What specific ministry activities will be developed and implemented to fulfill these areas is unknown—by me and by you. But God knows. And that’s why I’m asking you to pray with me from Ash Wednesday to Easter; and (3) consider which Focus Area you might want to be involved in. During April, we will be sending out the invitation to be involved in Good Shepherd’s Focus Areas.

Thank you and the Lord Jesus give you peace.

-Pastor Keith Jones


The Strategic Mission and Ministry Plan of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

The Strategic Mission and Ministry Plan


Guiding Statement*

The believers of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and Preschool are excited by the love of Jesus Christ to serve Goleta so that:
1. Children receive a strong start in life spiritually and educationally.
2. Young families can depend on personal, repeated, and regular resources so that
they are connected to each other and to Jesus Christ.
3. People experience the love of Jesus Christ by having their basic needs met.
4. Our facilities are used to aid the community.

* MLT Community Impact Statement - Draft 2, May 14, 2019 - Revised


Focus Areas

Focus Area I: Provide needed community services on campus

Focus Area II: Partner with organizations to provide needed community services on

Focus Area III: Minister to people in the community

Focus Area IV: Attract people to worship on campus


In Support of these Opportunities

• Opportunities are aligned with GSLC’s Mission and Vision Statements
• GSLC has well maintained facilities, ample space, and good parking as well as a
prominent location
• Church staff and the congregation have a variety of experience, knowledge, and abilities to serve
• GSLC’s leadership is passionate about and committed to fulfilling its mission and vision
• Members are friendly, generous, and helpful to visitors

• Missional Pathway/Missional Leadership Team (MLT): Voters Meeting Presentation on
November 10, 2019
• Strategic Plan Session - GSLC Board of Directors and Elders - March 7, 2020
• Goleta Demographic Community Data - 2018-2028