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Lenten Sermon Theme

Zechariah: Your Kingdom Come!

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday on February 17th and so does our emphasis on the book of Zechariah. The prophet’s chief concern is God’s kingdom. Throughout all fourteen chapters, Zechariah joyfully announces that God’s kingdom is coming through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Jesus. The book of Zechariah abounds with stunning portraits of our Savior. Jesus serves as the prophet’s Interpreting Messenger throughout the first six chapters. Zechariah calls Jesus a “Sprout” (3:8; 6:12), “Servant” (3:8) and “Stone” (3:9). It is in his last six chapters, though, that the prophet describes Jesus in much more compelling ways. Jesus is righteous and humble (9:9). His blood of the covenant sets prisoners free (9:11). He is the church’s Cornerstone, Tent Peg and Battle Bow (10:4). Then, in a dramatic twist of fate, Christ is detested (11:8), sold for thirty pieces of silver (11:12), struck so his sheep scatter (13:7) and finally pierced and killed (12:10). In the end, however, God’s kingdom comes—finally and permanently, in pristine beauty (14:9, 16, 17).

Ash Wednesday“First Things First”(Zechariah 1:1–6)

            Lent 1 “It’s Tool Time!”(Zechariah 1:18–21)

Lent 2 “Silencing Satan”(Zechariah 3:1–10)

Lent 3 “Who Will Take the Garbage Out?”(Zechariah 5:5–11)

Lent 4 “First Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask”(Zechariah 8:20–23)

Lent 5 “The Redeemer’s Refinery”(Zechariah 13:1–2)

Palm Sunday“Expectations Meet Reality”(Zechariah 9:9–10)

Maundy Thursday“Covenant Blood”(Zechariah 9:11–12)

Good Friday“God is Dead!”(Zechariah 12:10–14)

Easter“All Things New!” (Zechariah 14:8–11)

This Lent, rejoice, for God’s kingdom comes to you—through Jesus our Lord!

Midweek Worship

Give It Up!

“Give it up” has a variety of connotations: frustration, resignation, even celebration. Celebrating Lent is not such a far-fetched idea. Lent isn’t so much a focus on you or me, but on Jesus Christ. Lent isn’t so much that we peer deeply into our own need, but we turn our eyes and watch our Savior save us. So “Give It Up” for Lent!

February 24“Just Give It Up” (Mark 1:14)

March 3“Give It Up for God” (Matthew 22:36–38)

March 10“Can’t We Get Along?” (Matthew 22:39)

March 17“Give It Up By Giving It Away” (Deuteronomy 15:11)

March 24“That’s It...I Give It Up!” (Luke 15:11–31)